WOBBLE @ Tribeca Grand Studios

April 12

On April 12, Wobble’s deep/tech monthly at the Tribeca Grand Studios returns with Wobble/OpenAir founder Arana joined by The House Cartel (Momentum) v. Tomas Station (Downpitch Rec.), Misha (Beef Cuts), Nathan Kersaint (Natural Rhythm) and Alexia & Boji (Sincesure | The Seed).
Interactive Visuals by Lytekode.
10pm – Late.  

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Wobble, a free monthly party in NYC run by Arana, moves you with bending basslines and an uncompromising focus on musicality beyond the simple boom-boom — an exploration of the finest underground dance music available.  Intricate layers…open soundscapes and trippy textures…an unusual juxtaposition of vibrant/uplifty AND dark/naughty extremes to inspire heady visions and primal movement on the dance floor. Wobble Music is storytelling for your mind and body — house, techno and the space in between.